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Top 5 mega projects underway in Qatar

With the FIFA World Cup in Qatar now only a few years away, massive infrastructures are also underway. These developments will not just support the country in serving the fans of the World Cup but [...]

Qatar’s Transformation From The 1970s To Today

Northcroft have been established in Qatar since 1976 and have assisted in the development of Qatar over the years with a wide variety of construction and engineering projects and witnessed the transformation from the 70’s. [...]

Progress update for Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums

Progress update for Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums Khalifa International Stadium Following an extensive redevelopment, the stadium was inaugurated in May 2017 ahead of the Amir Cup final. In 2019, the stadium hosted the IAAF [...]

Work begins on new tourist destination in Doha

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has started implementing the first package of Ras Bu Abboud Beach Development Project, as part of the works of the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in [...]

Resolving project and construction disputes in Qatar

There are no specific courts or tribunals in Qatar dealing with project finance transactions or construction contracts. Disputes will be heard in the Qatari courts unless referred to arbitration or unless the Qatar Financial Centre [...]

7 Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

Despite the construction industry's traditional resistance to new technologies, some are making significant strides in rounds. Notable examples include, but are not limited to: mobile technology, drones, AI and more. Here are the construction tech [...]