For over a four decades, Northcroft has had a team dedicated to providing construction risk advice to senior and mezzanine financiers. We understand the complex interrelationships between the financier, the developer, and the contractor in the GCC.

We provide independent, objective, impartial advice in relation to capital projects, providing advice to all parties involved in the development of capital projects including contractors, owners, governments, insurers, project funders, designers and subcontractors.

Our approach is to provide fact based opinions and advice as to the causes of delay, disruption and financial impacts to capital projects based on a detailed  analysis of the project documentation and site conditions.

Independent Reporting

Auditing and monitoring of the Commercial and Contract Administration activities in order to safeguard the Client’s financial interests in a project.

Independent reporting may include reviewing all claims for payment, reviewing the regular applications for payments, evaluating variations and extension of time and the cost associated therewith and ensuring that all payments or project transactions have an audit trail. The performance and compliance to contractual obligations by parties and service providers is monitored and reported with recommended remedial actions where necessary.

  • Developing and recommending completion strategies and recovery plans including the appropriate contract advice and contract strategies.
  • Identifying contractual and commercial risks and formulating strategies to minimise risk.
  • Cost / Value analysis of work performed.
  • Identifying current deliverables and completion status against the original plan.
  • Validating recovery estimates, resource loading, budget and schedule.
  • Establishing monitoring strategies and thresholds for budget and schedule issues.
  • Identifying any avenues to reduce waste and eliminate scope creep.