In order to improve their accessibility and develop their economies, regions must develop their built asset infrastructure. Northcroft Middle East helps bring these plans to reality.

By bringing together investors, designers, contractors and operators, Northcroft is committed to partnering long term with public entities and their stakeholders to deliver projects that create lasting value for the community. The high level of service delivered to clients in an economically sustainable manner, allows our partners to deliver a premium experience at affordable prices.

Why do YOU need Northcroft’s assistance?

Northcroft work with the full spectrum of parties within a fast paced industry.  We have access to information, projects and people which may affect your development.  This industry and market knowledge allows us to advise on opportunities, risks and potential for collaboration which adds value or pivots your development.

Development Management

Northcroft Middle East is a development manager, who bring together finance, construction expertise and development knowledge to create innovative delivery models for realising a project.

We are experienced in managing the acquisition of an incoming producing asset, assessing options for a development, creating profitable investment opportunities or crafting innovative solutions for investors, fund partners or client.

We often act as an extension to in-house development teams and are normally retained to undertake the professional management of the development and beyond.

Although we are seeing increasing trends of clients building their own teams in house with Northcroft’s assistance, we also have experience in providing a completely hands off service including site acquisition, development appraisal, and selection of design and marketing consultants, construction management, project management, sales, handover, leasing and retention of operators and facilities managers.