Northcroft’s Advisory services brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential.

A team with deep technical experience in providing Contract Advisory, Dispute Management or Construction / Project Turnaround and advice on Construction Mergers and Acquisitions.  We work to anticipate outcomes, identify the implications and develop points of view that add value for our clients.

Contract Advisory and Claims Management

You can only see what’s coming if you have been there before.

Northcroft Middle East have particular experience in the fields of BOOT, PPP, Management Contracting, Construction Management and more common forms of Contract.  Whether we are crafting a PPP overview study for a government client in the Gulf Region or providing contract administration and consultancy services on for a BOT wastewater project for a consortium, Northcroft ensure our clients see potential risks in order to ERICA (Eliminate, Reduce, Isolate, Control or Accept).

Northcroft provide professional advice to market leaders throughout the whole supply chain including suppliers, sub-contractors and contractors including analyses of tender and contract documentation, review of draft Joint Venture Agreements, preparing contractual correspondence and preparing and defending contractual claims.

Construction Business Recovery

We work on behalf of shareholders, financiers or management to offer Construction turnaround services.

Having identified a role for Northcroft’s expertise not covered by the traditional advisory market, we develop the next level of detail to empower teams to implement the desired change.

  • reviewing contracts for potential risk exposures;
  • evaluating the reasonableness of estimates and budgets;
  • assessing project controls in place;
  • tracking project expenditures and approving payment applications;
  • monitoring scope change and reviewing change order requests;
  • providing independent project updates;
  • preparing cost forecasts and cash-flow analyses.

Review of and advice on financial forecast and reporting tools for with monthly, project by project financial information which can be consolidated to present a view of group cash flow and profitability over a period of 3-5 years, and can be updated with actual data when available, providing variance analysis and re-forecast numbers.

Develop/update Corporate Governance (“CG”) Policy and Matrix and Delegation of Authorities Policy:

  • Review and enhance the current Corporate Governance Policy and Matrix and Delegation of Authority (DoA), Policy and Matrix and rationalise accountabilities
  • Validate the structure of the Board and Committees necessary to achieve effective governance operations and oversight
  • Validate charters, roles, responsibilities and authority for the Board and its Committees

Review and study the current organisation structure to identify the gaps between the current situation and the optimum structure that would enable the achievement of the Contractor’s strategic objectives.

Reviewing the micro and macro factors that lead to the stress in the business with a view to:

  • effectively assessing business viability;
  • identifying the strategic options; and
  • advising on any financial restructuring.

Construction Mergers and Acquisitions

How to avoid the Black Swan?

In Construction, access to information is abundant, however verifying the validity of the information to be relied upon comes from years of experience and a deep understanding of the market in which operations are being undertaken.  

Strategic investors continue to play a major role in the Construction Engineering M&A market and therefore at Northcroft we provide a structured approach to analysing the information presented.  Predominantly engaged on behalf of the purchaser, Northcroft are perceptive enough to see value others have missed, flexible enough to adjust for the unexpected and shrewd enough to envision the challenges our clients will face from the moment the contract is signed.